Britain's transport secretary announces plans for third runway at Heathrow Airport

Jun 5, 2018

Britain's transport secretary announces plans for third runway at Heathrow Airport

Tennessee opens London exhibit on heels of new direct flight

Jun 4, 2018

Tennessee officials are capitalizing on a new direct flight to London with an interactive exhibit at one of the city's key transit hubs, featuring Jack Daniel's happy hours, live music and more

London on a budget: How to save on airfare, lodging and more

May 29, 2018

Sterling values: A guide to finding bargains in London from no-frills flights to sky-high sights

Huge lightning storms in UK disrupt travel at London airport

May 27, 2018

British meteorologists said thousands of lightning strikes hit the U.K. during a powerful overnight thunderstorm, and a London-area airport has reported flight disruptions after an aircraft refueling system was damaged

Airlines obey Beijing's demand to call Taiwan part of China

May 23, 2018

Airlines caving to Beijing on Taiwan despite White House protests

AP PHOTOS: Thousands join Hong Kong bun-snatching festival

May 23, 2018

AP PHOTOS: A parade of floating children, a race up a bamboo tower and many buns for thousands of visitors to enjoy are part of Hong Kong festival

In North Korea nuke site closure, spectacle trumps substance

May 21, 2018

Spectacle may trump substance when foreign journalists journey deep into the mountains of North Korea to observe the official closing ceremony of its nuclear test site

China, Airbus investigating blown-out windshield on plane

May 16, 2018

China, Airbus investigating why jet's windshield detached during flight

North Korea tells UN aviation group no more ICBM tests

May 11, 2018

North Korea has told UN aviation officials it will not conduct unannounced missile tests or further ICBM launches because its nuclear arms program is now complete

UK teen accused of plotting grenade attack on British Museum

May 10, 2018

A London teenager is on trial for allegedly plotting a grenade attack on the British Museum after failing in her ambition of becoming a jihadi bride in Syria

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